Logo Design: When Logo is Perfect, Trade is Good

Logo Design Colors Canvas

Logo design is everywhere, as it is a key component of a company’s identity. For any company, it is crucially important that their logo design is perfect. The consumers can easily recognize it and relate to that company. If a logo design is poor, it can cast a negative impact on the represented company image. Bad logo design is one of the main reasons a company is failing every year. The reason is the ineffective marketing it presents. A logo is what gives the first impression of the company to the people. It reflects what it is all about. Whether the company sells or manufactures, the logo speaks for both products and services.

Visual Communication

Visual Communication Colors CanvasThe logo has a very positive feel and is extremely appealing. It gives a feeling of caring for what the organization is all about, caring for our environment. If the logo presents a mirroring of our own beliefs and ideas. It reinforces the value in our eyes and provides positive emotions, urging us to become a consumer of this company.

Artistic Concepts

One of the interesting tricks in making a logo attractive. It is to merge its original design and coloring with another logo, which is already famous. Although the meaning of the new logo is different, both of them may share similar patterns of color and font. Again, managing to “steal” some existing value of the famous one. One example can be skateboard company Enjoi, which used a panda design from the famous WWF logo. This effect can be moved further. It can create an effect of having one image as two when we look at it for long enough. This clever use of design occurs on such logos as FedEx or Martini House. Here the space that appears to be irrelevant at first sight, has a meaning.

Presentation Design

Logo design is working as a dynamic and exciting branch of graphic design, serving the corporate cause. Its significance had become more appreciated in the business community with time. Every serious business will have a nice symbol that represents it as a strategy for effective branding.
Logo design is one of the most lucrative careers with an attractive package. This is for people with imaginative, creative, and sound computer skills. People who know how to design logos perfectly, always have demand everywhere. Because this attribute is very urgent for all beginning businesses. What we need for professional logo design is a little imagination, creativity, interest, and self-assurance.

Digital Illustration and Color Theory

Logo Design Colors CanvasColor combination, color wheel, shading, tints, and tones are the key factors here. A professional logo designer should know the color theory, such as the difference between warm and cool colors.

How We Learn to Design Logo

The best way to start learning logo design is to invest in books. But since most modern learners consider it a backdated method, we would suggest an online tutorial. We have some steps for this process of learning, these are as follows.

Start With Your Story

Companies aim to make money – it is not the most poetic statement. But it is the key idea you need to start with. To make a profitable business, you need to sell yourself just as you sell the product. Marketers agree that buyers show more interest in connecting with stories than just buying the product itself. This means there should be some story in our logo.
Before we design the logo, we should thoroughly understand what our company offers to the market. For example, when we think of Coca-Cola, it is not the brown dark drink that comes to our mind. Rather it is the red circle with white Coca-Cola writing and polar bears on the logo picture. The best way is to step outside the question of “what” the company does. Rather focus on the question “why” it does so. That “why” is the root of the story and it should appear in the design of the logo.

Think of Words That Describe Your Brand

After the story of the brand is ready, it is time to search for appropriate words that describe it. Any idea has many synonyms and the choice of the right one is totally on the logo designer.

Sketch Ideas Based on These Words

You are armed with your “why” and having now some terms to describe it. Now grab a pencil and paper and start drawing every idea that comes to mind. Allow each concept to evolve on its own. Do not frustrate if the first few are not right. Keep refining, using previous sketches to influence the outcome of new ones. These sketches might be kept in the shape of the logo to have a clearer view of what it should look like.

3.1. The shape should be simple, avoiding too many details
3.2. Colors choice should be careful, the wrong color choice can destroy the whole idea.

Test Your Top Sketches With Your Buyer Persona

Once you have a handful of different sketches on paper, take a step back and pick the top three concepts. Do not think too hard about this. It should be a quick effectively planned work, consider the designs your eyes keep going back to, and select them to show the others.
Share these drafts with people you trust. If possible, show the sketches to someone, who, according to your thoughts, has a best buyer persona. The person who suits most is your dream customer. This will give you the most productive opinion on your consumer picture and preferences. You shall know how the common people will receive your brand, not just those close to you.
Be prepared for honest feedback and do not take negative comments personally. These criticisms will only make your final logo stronger. Rather use their critical remarks to finalize your ultimate logo design.

Refine Your Chosen Sketch

Congratulations, you are well on your way to creating an awesome logo. Once you identified your sketch, it is time to refine it and perfect your story which starts with step 1. To begin refining your logo, you just look back at the identifier words in step 2. Then examine, what of the keywords your sketch did not yet capture.

Develop Your Logo Layout on a Free Design Platform

Now it is time to get technical and turn the paper design into a usable digital format. To bring these designs to life, there are many digital design platforms to develop graphic representation. These are Appy Pie’s Logo Maker, Logo Crisp, Looka, DesignMantic, GraphicSprings, and Turbologo. These platforms bring the concept to digital format, but developing realistic concepts will require technical direction. All the texts and shapes should have perfect space. The logo may not be symmetrical but the term “aligned” should be there. Even if the logo is not suitable for alignment with horizontal lines and borders, still there are standards. It should present its alignment with a significant appearance.

Pick Versatile Color Options

When the logo is designed first, it may look great with its color on the canvas of graphic design. But the logo will be placed in many places, whose design or color does not match with the logo pattern. The logo must have variations of light and dark color combinations. So that everyone can notice even on an unsuitable background of an old building for example.

Choose a Font

Now it is time to combine the text with the imagery. If your chosen sketch is primarily a shape or symbol, begin with writing the name of the company. Consider the typeface this text will carry if your company name ever stands on its own without the symbol. It seems hardly believable, but the text font says much about the company itself. General common fonts in Word documents better be avoided.

Ensure Scalability

Logos represent your company on multiple platforms – in print, on your website, and each of your business web pages. Also across the internet as the business grows. The logo should be blown up to be placed on a billboard. It is also scaled down to take place on the side of a pen. Every part of the logo should represent the theme, regardless of the size.

Concluding Word

The consumer remembers a company by its logo first of all. Therefore it is necessary to organize logo design very well, making it as unique as possible.

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